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Influencer Legal Basics


Why Do Influencers Need Their Own Lawyer?

     Agencies, managers, and lawyers have different roles for influencers. The agency books their gigs. A manager guides their career.


     Why not just use their lawyers? Because the agency lawyer works for the agency. The manager's lawyer works for the manager.

     Influencers need their own experienced lawyer to only work for them. I work with an influencer's agency/manager to protect the influencer. I also make sure that the deal that's made is the deal on the page, and that my influencers understand how their deals work, so they don't make mistakes, get paid, don't alienate the brand, or otherwise hurt their career. 

     It's free of charge the first time I meet with an influencer, and am happy to answer questions or concerns they have about what they're doing. 

Why Should Paul Be Your Lawyer?

    Because I've been representing influencers for over 13 years (before they were called "influencers"), ranging from micros to megas. I'm also an entertainment lawyer for over 30 years, including handling a ton of branding deals, as well as trademarks and copyrights for clients. This means I have the perfect skill set and experience to properly and fully represent influencers.  

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