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The entertainment and digital media businesses are like no others. They have their own unique set of concepts and practices. Those of more traditional industries don’t often apply. There is also the interplay between creativity and technology that continues to transform these businesses at a blinding pace.


It’s not enough for lawyers in these industries to understand this uniqueness and interplay. A pragmatic understanding and approach to their business and creative components is equally, if not more, important to help clients navigate these industries, and succeed in them.


Our entertainment and media clients are based both in and outside of the U.S. They range from talent to executives, creatives to distribution, social influencers to branded entertainment, startups to Oscar® and  Grammy® winners and nominees, across all entertainment platforms – TV, music, literary, digital media, XR (VR, AR, and MR), motion pictures, and radio, in all their many facets.


That’s a value we provide and that sets us apart. Our entertainment and media lawyers have decades of experience in the legal, as well as the business and creative aspects of traditional and digital entertainment. We understand from the inside out how these potentially conflicting interests need to be accommodated and interact for our clients to have their initiatives run smoothly and successfully.


 We also protect and enforce our clients’ valuable copyrights and trademarks, so they can reap the fruits of their creativity.


We have successfully structured and negotiated many complex agreements, often for entertainment and media endeavors that have little precedent, in this rapidly and continually changing market for the creation and consumption of content.

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