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Every business person knows that litigation in business can and should be avoided. Ultimately, however, having the right attorney on your team, with a strategic vision to solve your problem, with the experience and know how to work through your issues, and with the tenacity and courage to challenge and right the wrongs, is what you need.


With Perleberg McClaren LLP on your team, we will explore all non-litigation options before we engage in the contest. However, if we must engage, we will do so vigorously, relentlessly, and diligently, to assist you with your desired outcome.


Our lawyers represent all manner of business entities, including partnerships, corporations, and their directors, officers, and shareholders. We strive for economic case management, and resolution oriented approaches to our clients needs. Ultimately, we are achieving your goals.


We are experienced in litigating these business related problems, as well as so many more:

Our Services

  • Business Torts

  • Breach of Contract Disputes

  • Partnership Dissolution Litigation

  • Trade Secret Violations

  • Fraud and Misrepresentation

  • Unfair Competition

  • Defamation

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