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The Ever Changing World of CopyrightDie sich ständig verändernde Welt des Urheberrechts

The EU is changing its copyright laws, and Germany is taking the first big step. It seems it will be more restrictive on what you can post to your accounts. This could affect the idea of Fair Use when posting any social content on your website, social media or blogs that you are not the copyright holder of.

Many online resources use copyrighted material to make commentary, throw criticisms, spread the news or to entertain their readers, monetized and non-monetized accounts alike. But the EU and now Germany are putting an end to this.

This would greatly affect anyone who posted a video that contained copyrighted music, for example, even if it was for personal use.

As reported by @disclosetv

“JUST IN - Germany passes very controversial copyright law. Internet services with user-generated content will be liable for possible copyright infringements by their users from June 7.

Means, if you upload something (images, texts, videos) and you're not the copyright owner, the platforms may have to pay and YOUR accounts will certainly be suspended instantly.

This law is based on new EU copyright laws. Similar measures will be enacted in all EU countries soon.”

This law will soon be the law of the land all over the EU. It will put the platforms on the hook to pay for user copyright violations and lead to more user accounts being suspended for copyright violation.

Germany’s change goes into effect June 7, 2021.

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