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Peer Review Prior to Investigation

I am often asked what prevents unscrupulous vindictive types of people from ruining the reputations of a hard working medical practitioners who allege a bogus allegation. The answer of protection is the involvement of other medical professionals, otherwise known as the Medical Consultant Program.

Medical Consultants work on a part time, contract basis to review incoming complaints against their colleagues. Making up part of the Central Complaint Unit, these practitioners review any complaint involving an allegation of failure to provide the requisite level of care. They are involved prior to referral to a field office or to a Medical Board of California investigator. The Medical Consultant will have the relevant education, training, and expertise to evaluate the standard of care issues raised, and opine about the need for any further investigation. These are your front line defenders.

If this program interests you, go to the Medical Board of California home page for more information. If this article peaks your interest because you may be in hot water, please give us a call for a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Let us help you before any real assistance may be needed to protect your reputation. Call today, 323-741-6500.

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