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Medical Board Notification of Actions

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Greetings from the Doctors’ Lawyer! I come to you today with a bit of bad news. Maybe not for you, if you’re not in any sort of predicament with the Medical Board of California (MBC), but for those who have been investigated.

If the California Attorney General determines, after reviewing the MBC investigation into alleged wrongdoing by you, that an accusation is warranted to be filed against you, it files and serves that accusation on you. Herein lies the bad news. While the investigation by the MBC is generally confidential and not public record, the filing of the accusation by the California Attorney General is in fact public record. This means it is accessible by anyone interested in looking into your background. First impressions are often so important in receiving new business, or retaining existing business, and the impact of an accusation that will smear your good name will do little to instill confidence in your existing and potential new patients. If you’re a medical practitioner facing a dreaded return phone call to an investigator, DO NOT call back without legal counsel. It could mean the difference between an accusation being filed by the AG, or not, and thus could make a world of difference for you in your ongoing medical practice.

If this article is applicable to you, please consider contacting my office at (323)-741-6500 for a free 30 minute consultation. Do so before you do anything else, and let us protect your reputation.

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