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It Always Seems Impossible, Until It's Done. -Nelson Mandela

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At Perleberg McClaren, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you navigate your personal and professional mountains. We are attorneys of action, with decades of experience and expertise in our practice areas.

​We pride ourselves on directed, specific, and goal-oriented legal solutions, brought with empathy in our understanding of both the psychological and business components of the issues you face.

Our IP attorneys know how to protect and monetize your ideas, and if necessary hold accountable those who have worked to misappropriate your efforts.


Our litigators bring aggressive, knowledgeable, and tenacious advocacy to your matter, to achieve favorable results for you in cost-effective stages. We regularly explore likely outcomes, and seek agreeable results before tensions and legal expenses mount. When trials are inevitable, we fight to win--and know how.

In the employment arena, we understand your rights and provide you the broadest spectrum of options to make the best decision possible.

In the entertainment in digital media spaces, we give pragmatic advice and counsel based on both legal and business/creative experience in these unique and fluid businesses. We also successfully create and negotiate all manner of entertainment and digital media contracts across their entire spectrums, including those of first impression, and with little if any precedent.

We are on your side. We make your fight our fight, and your success our focus. Contact our law firm today for more information.

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